6.5 mil. american mobile video viewers in august alone

CNNMoney published comScore, Inc.’s survey results, according to which 6.5 million Americans consumed video content on their mobiles in August 2008 alone. Not that we had any doubt, but this is a numeric proof to the ever growing preference of mobile phone users to consume their favorite videos on the way as well, and not only while sitting at home infront of their computer screens. The survey also exposed the users’ priorities regarding WHAT to watch on the mobile: again, it is no surprise that entertainment media takes up the head of the table, with amateur videos, music clips and movie trailers on the lead. It is those short and entertaining clips that people like the most to consume on the go, and it is exactly the kind of videos MobileNOBO’s conversion quality can guarantee best possible screening experience of, personally fitted for each mobile handset on the fly.


~ by sendvideotomobile on November 3, 2008.

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