a new look – a new functionality

MobileNOBO is proud to present it’s new and improved “Send Video to Mobile” button. It is after a careful study that we publish this new version, with the hope of making the experience of downloading and sharing web video files easier, clearer and more efficient. What are the new button’s main features?

1. You no longer need to click on the button for the ability of sending the video to your mobile – the new button works on the “mouse-over” technology, so that once you set your mouse on it, you already have the ability to insert the requested mobile number and press SEND.

2. It is no longer a pop up, but an integrated, compact window that appears once you put your mouse over our new button. This way you bring the possibility that a user will enter his phone number much closer to him. Plus, we’ve made sure to leave all unnecessary decorative elements out of the window, so that the user is not confused.

3. We have designed several buttons, with several captions, to fit each publisher’s personal preferences. We are very open for any additional ideas, so that our designers haven’t put down their mouse yet…

4. We’re currently still working on improving the payment pop up that appears once the user have entered his number and pressed on SEND.

We have no doubt that the new version of our “Send to Mobile” button will take our clients a few steps further and reach new levels of profitability from using our service.


~ by sendvideotomobile on November 10, 2008.

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