send TV clips to mobiles – with MobileNOBO

All signs point towards an ever growing increase in video content consumption by mobile users. Enabling viewers to watch TV content in their mobiles can be both costly and complicated. MobileNOBO offers TV channels and producers a complete turnkey solution that can both increase their content reach and revenues from their unique existing content. MobileNOBO’s technology can lead TV doers and watchers safely and successfully to the future of video watching!

How, you ask?

Our systems work with TV digital broadcasting studios and is able to convert and send every digital video to any mobile handset in real time. During a clip or sports replays, a message will appear on the screen: “To send this clip to your mobile send the word X to the number Y”. Our systems will do the rest!

This has two main extra-features:

  • Mobile Site: MobileNOBO’s “Send Video to Mobile” feature allows the user to log in to the TV channel’s site on his mobile, for an interactive experience that combines TV watching with mobile entertainment.
  • TV ads on mobile: MobileNOBO’s solution creates new advertising platforms for TV channels’ advertisers. TV channels get to expand advertising possibilities to their mobile site.  Our flexible technology can incorporate ads either in the beginning, during or after the user finished watching the video.

All video content is being converted in Mobile NOBO’s unique conversion method: On the fly, in real time, upon user’s request, thus meeting over 700 different mobile handsets in 212 countries around the globe! This guarantees INCOMPARABLE viewing quality for max enjoyment. Plus, since MobileNOBO handles all aspects of content mobilization, TV producers and channels can use the free time for doing what they do best – create more unique content for viewers to consume all around the world, be it on TV or be it in their mobiles! MobileNOBO is one home for all aspects of video mobilization for TV channels.


~ by sendvideotomobile on February 4, 2009.

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