from your video portal to a mobile site (WAP), in NO TIME!

All signs point towards an ever growing increase in video content consumption by mobile users. Setting up a mobile version of a web site can be both costly and complicated. MobileNOBO’s turnkey solution can have an entire video portal turn mobile on a fully customized mobile platform, using just a simple XML feed and above all for free!

What are the main advantages of setting up a WAP site with MobileNOBO?

  1. You increase reach: MobileNOBO allows the publisher to increase content reach to 212 countries around the globe, with fully optimized and flexible billing solutions in each of these countires.
  2. XML feed: Publisher sends an XML list with his video portal’s destination videos and our systems automatically transform it to a WAP site!
  3. Best end user screening experience: All videos are being converted MobileNOBO-style – on the fly, upon request and at optimal conversion rate, fitted specifically to each user’s handset. Viewing experience is hence incomparable!
  4. You save space & money: There’s no need to pre-convert all (or any) of the videos. This saves both CPU usage of servers and moeny.
  5. It’s YOUR branded White Labled Mobile Video Site: After users finish wathing the videos they downloaded, they get redirected you you branded, fully customized whitel labled website for further purchases.

We could tell more, like us being a one-stop-shop for ALL of supplementary mobile needs, but we wouldn’t want to tire you too much.

Feel free to contact our experts for further infos and demonstrations.



~ by sendvideotomobile on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “from your video portal to a mobile site (WAP), in NO TIME!”

  1. This is my first visit and i found this site great.

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