Our subscription based business model

Based on our clients up to date, we have striven to analyze and come up with the most rewarding business model on the web today. With us, video portals could be earning up to 21,000$ a year with only 3 subscribers a day!! How does it work? Well, you already know that it takes only 4 minutes to implement the “Send Video to Mobile” button script in any web based video platform. Once a users clicks the button and enters his phone number, he’s advised to buy 10 videos for 8$ a month.

Our revenue share model offers 60% of net profit to the publisher and 40% to us. After deduction of all other costs, recruiting just 3 (!!) subscribers a day GUARENTEES the publisher a revenue increase of 21,000$! No doubt this will be the new best thing around the web. Contact us if you want to hop on the waggon on time and start sourcing extra cash from your existing content.


~ by sendvideotomobile on March 26, 2009.

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