CTIA Impression: Video is mobile’s next big thing

In his review of the hottest trends shown in the annual wireless industry trade show (CTIA), held in Vegas, Jeff Busang writes the following words on the future of mobile vide:

“Everybody is talking about delivering high-quality video on mobile. With 22 million consumers in January 2009 accessing the mobile internet according to Comscore, double last year and likely to double again in 2010, rich content on the phone is clearly the next big thing, and video is the driver of that. GenY consumers are watching news, weather and sports on their phone as if it were the normal function of the device, as opposed to a full-blown miracle as compared to only 5 years ago”.

“Send Video to Mobile” has set itself a goal to allow this avid new clientele get what it wants in the best possible quality today. With its global coverage and on-the-fly conversion, it leaves its contestents far behind. Contact us and find out more.


~ by sendvideotomobile on April 5, 2009.

One Response to “CTIA Impression: Video is mobile’s next big thing”

  1. Didn’t we hear it in CTIA 04, then CTIA 05, then CTIA 06, …..

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