The father of the mobile phone gives his vision

imagesIn this weeks edition of The Economist there was an interesting interview with the “father of the mobile phone” Marty Cooper. In the 70’s he, as head of Motorola’s car division, rightly predicated the next phase of the mobile phone industry.  His vision was that communication devices needed to be small and light enough to be portable. Under his care the old build-in car phone of the time got transformed into a mobile, handheld device.

With over half the world now using a mobile phone, it shows how ground breaking his idea was.

In the interview he explains he still sees a lot of developments to come.

Perhaps surprisingly, Mr Cooper thinks the real impact of mobile communications is yet to come. Things will get really interesting, he thinks, when consumers “get away from the concept of the cell phone-that implies talk and listen” and new applications, based on sending data to and from mobile devices, take hold. There are already glimpses for mobile data in the success of the Blackberry email device and the iPhone, with its vast selection of downloadable software (The Economist June 6th 2009, page 26,27).

My personal vision is that the division between on the one hand mobile phones and on the other static computers is fading away. Indeed, like Mr Cooper said, the mobile phone is becoming more then just a device for calling: it is creating more and more a complete experience.  Video, music, electronic wallet, Internet, camera, GPS, email are just a beginning of turning a mobile device truly into a remote control of everything.


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