Growth Online advertisement industry slows down

A research preformed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe shows that in the previous year growth of the advertisement industry slowed down significantly. The complete article can be found on

Quoting the most important conclusion from the research:

“In 2008 the European online advertising market was worth €12.9 billion with a like-for-like growth rate compared to 2007 of 20%. In the US, online advertising grew 10.6% in 2008 and was worth €16.6 billion ($23.4 billion). However whilst the pan-European figure is one of growth, it is no secret that 2008 was one of the worst years for advertising in any medium. The online sector was not immune and experienced a challenging year, particularly in the 10 most mature markets. The key difference is it did still manage growth – albeit at a lower rate.”

The traditional offline industry was hit hardest in 2008 with advertisers focusing more and more on performance;  while the online market is in a better shape.  Marco Derksen of IAB Netherlands said:

“Everywhere you see  advertisers and advertising adgencies evuating all the different forms of media, but this is only good news for the online media.”

The forecast for 2009 remain gloomy:  Eva Berg-Winters, Senior Manager at PwC  who specialises in new media, said “2009 is set to be a difficult year for online advertising. Decline is likely in a number of mature markets and, where there is still growth, we expect it to be much lower than previously. However, online continues to outperform other media and to increase its ad market share. The post-downturn era should therefore see another growth spurt for online.”

Much is still to be gained from the mobile market. With over 4 billion mobile phones out there in the world today it’s clear that this market has an enormous potential. Just like the online marketing complemented the offline market, the mobile market will in its turn do the same to the online industry.

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