Update: Our subscription based services are expanding!


We at SendVideoToMobile.com are happy to announce that our Subscription based services are expanding to three new countries. All this is part of our strategy create sustainable added value of our services for any video portal.

In one of our earlier post, we introduced our Subscription Services as an optional tool next to our standard services. These extra, free services allow customers to subscribe to any website with video content, thus creating a stable group of customers for a site.  The advantage is, that a customer is not simple lost after an one off purchase but retained and so generating more and more added value for the website.

The results have been so far been impressive. Since it’s introduction four months ago the Subscription Services have in some countries already overtaken the one of purchases in terms of value & number of renewals. And our clients are noticing as well.

As of now, we are live in more 12 countries with at least three more countries following next month: Italy, Greece and India. From here our goal is to continue expanding until we have a global coverage, much like we already have for our Standard Services.

Interested to know what the Standard or Subscription based services can do for your site? Just visit our website: www.sendvideotomobile.com or write to support at mobilenobo.com for some personal advice.


~ by sendvideotomobile on June 26, 2009.

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