Google further entering the mobile market

Google VoiceBack in 2007 Google bought GrandCentral with the idea that mobile communication will continue to expand in recent years. On this platform they further developed what is now Google Voice.

Google announced that it will start inviting people to test it’s newest serves: Google Voice. After launching Android, this can be seen as Google’s next step to penetrate into the mobile market.

Google Voice will allow you to have an online Google number from which you are able to call and be called on.

  • Calling with Google Voice will give you the same low rates as other VOIP programs give you. Within the USA calls are free and similar to for example Skype, you will be able to make international phone calls as low as 2 cents per minute.
  • Secondly you will e able to redirect all you incoming calls to different numbers. This is how it works:

So far, this is just a combination of things that is already out there. But the features below are really new for me:

  • Record calls and store them online.
  • Switch phones during a call.
  • View the web inbox from a mobile device/phone.

This will enable Google to further profile it’s users and customizing it’s adds accordingly. For example scanning voice-mail messages for keywords.

How will this effect the mobile market? It promises to further brake down the markets of telecom providers. Similar to what happened to Internet providers before, telecom providers are turning more and more into “dumb” data pipelines. In other words, the service-market and data transfer-market are being disconnected. This is opening the way further for other companies to start competing for lucrative service section of the mobile market.

Our goal here at SendVideoToMobile is to become a key provider of services for the mobile video market.


~ by sendvideotomobile on July 12, 2009.

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