What’s next? 3d videos

Image from: Tvsnob.com

Remember the old 3d theaters with the special, red and blue paper glasses and phantom fighting visitors ? Well, those days might return but in a different form. YouTube has now started to experiment with 3d videos on its site for the theaters of the 21st century: the home entertainment system.

How? By using the same old technology the theaters before them used. They filmed a few videos by using two camera’s next to each other (one recording in blue, the other in red) and then merging the two into on the YouTube site.

From: Tweakers.net

From: Tweakers.net

Will it have any commercial value? It’s hard to tell because it’s still in an experimental phase. One problem is that it can’t be used for all the existing videos. Second, it will have to deal with the same problem that prevented the original 3d theaters to really break through: the extra costs of using the 3d technology and the willingness of people to wear 3d glasses all the time.

We will have to wait and see.

There is no support yet to integrate these the 3d videos on other sites then Youtube. For an example click here.


~ by sendvideotomobile on July 22, 2009.

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