It’s a netbook! A smart phone…..or both??!!


A leaked-out survey of LG was handsomely spotted spotted this week by the Engadget. The survey gives us a hint of what might be LG next step: an integration between phones and future notebooks.

The most unique thing spotted in the survey would be a prototype called the Dome. It’s a netbook with integrated phone and a unique curved shape that aids the Qwerty keyboard. The QWERTY pad would lay flat when the phone is closed, it would come up outwards when the clamshell is open and space the keys far enough apart to be more comfortable during typing.

Another equally awkward phone is called the Elva, it’s budget sister. Again the combination of a netbook like device & phone with a special kind of keyboard.

….it’s a full-fledged phone in a form factor that we’ve never quite seen before. The idea is that you’d have a candybar with a landscape oriented keyboard sliding along the top of it; positioned along the edge, it’s full QWERTY, but slid to the center, it becomes a standard numeric pad with fancy dynamic layouts and lighting (it’s not clear how the display would look and work in numeric mode since the keypad would be running down the centerline, so use your imagination).

For me it’s a logic step…. haven’t you ever wondered why your laptop can’t make normal phone calls??

And it looks like the other mobile phone manufacturers might follow. Sony Ericsson is working on a netbook device, according to rumors. The CEO of Nokia has already announced that they are looking seriously at the possibilities of entering the netbook market and HTC says it wants to do “something” on the laptop market, without building a netbook.

What is the future going to bring further? Will laptop further shrink into mini, calling netbooks or will smart phones continue to grow into mini computers? Probably they will remain different categories, but with shared components and overlapping functionality. Although smaller, more mobile devices are generally speaking more convenient, the downside is that the shrink always goes hand in hand with a drop in performance or a raise in the price. Smaller components are more expensive to make at the same performance (higher price) or can be made at the same price (but at a performance cost). Different consumers will have different preferences.

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