Twitter & Facebook traffic explodes thanks to mobile users

What is the effect mobile users have on social network sites. The Australian Herald Sun tells the following story. For the original article please click here.

The number of mobile phone users accessing the popular social networking websites Twitter and Facebook has exploded. Traffic on Twitter, which allows users to post short messages or “tweets” about their every move, has soared 1382 per cent worldwide in the past year. The number of Facebook users connecting with friends and posting updates about their status on mobiles has ballooned to more than 65 million people a month – and it’s growing, the Herald Sun reports. Such is the global love affair with social networking via the mobile internet, telecommunications experts and mobile phone companies believe the phenomena is changing the way we communicate on the run.

Facebook’s director of mobile, Henri Moissinac, said that since the website’s launch in 2004, Facebook membership had soared to more than 250 million. “Fifty per cent of them connect every day. That’s more than five billion minutes spent on Facebook every day,” Mr Moissinac said at a recent mobile phone conference in Stuttgart.

However, parents need to be aware that it is not safe.

Poedaphiles have a new tool to lure young children. I speak from experience as my 13 ye… (Read More) No Facebook for kids of QLD “To put things in perspective, for most of these users, they spend more time on Facebook than watching TV.” Between 2007-08, the number of people accessing the net on a mobile device surged 315 per cent. One of the biggest drivers has been Facebook. “Since 2008 our traffic has gone through the roof,” Mr Moissinac said. “Growth is not slowing down. Facebook is now becoming one of the largest mobile services in the world.” Driving this huge growth is people’s desire to connect and share the details of their lives more often. “We used to see that happen once a day on the computer, but now we see them doing it 10 or 15 times or more (via mobile),” said Mr Moissinac.

Nokia’s executive vice-president of markets, Anssi Vanjoki, said the trend has seen a burgeoning appetite for maps, restaurant recommendations and photo sharing on mobile phones. These factors were driving the business now, he said. Veteran telecommunications analyst and researcher Paul Budde said online social networking was revolutionizing mobile phone use. He said 18 months ago, an estimated 3-5 per cent of Australians used their mobile phone to perform tasks beyond voice calls and SMS messaging. That figure is now nearly 40 per cent, with the trend most prevalent among younger Australians. “They are born into it. They don’t know any other way than social networking,” said Mr Budde. “Increasingly, this will become an integral part of how we communicate.”


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